Magda Skupinska
November 26 – December 3, 2015


Maximillian William is delighted to announce Elements Of Silence, the debut exhibition by Polish artist Magda Skupinska. The exhibition will feature a series of work, which Skupinska has been experimenting with since her final year at Central St Martins London. This exhibition will contain seven new paintings, continuing the artist’s exploration on interaction between natural materials and the process of painting. “Material is the language of my work”.

The artist’s choice to incorporate natural substances, such as chili powder, salt and chocolate, demonstrates a conceptual part of her practice. Whereby removing the tradition of paint as the sole facilitator for subject matter and meaning, in the painting process. Skupinska uses organic substances to create variations within the canvas’s, away from the constant initial involvement of paint itself, which has eternally been the perception of the painterly process. “My desire was to make paintings that were able to infiltrate as many of the human senses as possible, whilst still enabling traditional interaction with art”.

Shapes play an important role within the artists work; forms are created in order to present vast scale enabling the empowerment and exposure of the surface through texture and material. Through fragility, the powders used by the artist can be equated to a catalyst which evokes interaction between canvas, material and time. The moment organic substance is applied on canvas, the surface creates a nucleus for it to evolve; colours decay, aromas diffuse and patterns change.


Catching Up with the Scented Paintings of Magda Skupinska
November, 2015