Reginald Sylvester II
Ginza, Tokyo
October 30 – November 13, 2015


Maximillian William is honored to present A Generation So Bright, the first exhibition in Japan by American artist Reginald Sylvester II. Following the artist’s sold out debut display in New York. The exhibition will feature a series of new paintings; A Generation So Bright comments on the relationship between culture and virtual society. “An abstract expression of where
 we are at, going into the next”.

The exhibition will include 15 new abstract, shaped paintings in Sylvester’s unique style combining his painterly process with the shaped figure. The form of this series is ultramodern; the shape pulls clear references to a thundercloud, a bolt of lightning. Sylvester has purposefully assimilated feelings concerning movement and motion, in order to create a continuum throughout the body of work.

Demonstrating the influences of Pop and Abstract art in his approach through color and medium, Sylvester uses these classical techniques as agents for provoking the sense of a digital distortion through associations toward youthful emotions.

A Generation So Bright is a body of work, fragmented into various moving forms. The individual pieces are an off spring of a deeper consciousness the artist is trying to depict. The artist, to coincide with
 the display will also install a site-specific instillation. As to allow the viewer to clear their sensory palettes, transgressing into the environment.


‘A Generation So Bright’ Exhibition by Reginald Sylvester II
October, 2015